Embroidered Corporate Wear

You’ve worked hard to make your company the best at what it does. Now it’s time to share that pride with your employees. Tasteful corporate wear can echo your company’s culture by colour coordination, style, and personalisation.

For a Casual Culture,  Polos that Feature the Corporate Logo

If your company is one where casual elegance is the norm, showcase your brand with colour-coordinated polos embroidered with your corporate logo. Coordinate your employees’ polos with your office décor for a customised, professional look – even small companies can show their pride in their workplace with carefully coordinated polos.

For a Sporty Culture, Think T-Shirts

If on the other hand, your company specialises in sporting goods or fitness services, T-Shirts emblazoned with a catchy slogan and your company’s logo can do double duty promoting your business on the job and at the gym. With a great design that shows off your winning image, your customers, too, will want to jump on the bandwagon and buy your T-Shirts! Remember Nike? Their trademark swoosh and “Just Do It” slogan began as a corporate trademark on their own T-Shirts, but evolved into must-haves for sports enthusiasts, who now pay money to give Nike free advertising.

Choose a combination of our custom design choices in your own company’s logo. Want a longer-lasting design? Choose embroidered T-Shirts for more texture and lasting power through wash after wash.

Choose Dress Shirts in Company Colours for a More Formal Look

Banks, law firms, and accounting firms may want a more formal appearance for their office to reflect the gravity of their work. A company can still achieve that customised, pulled-together look with dress shirts in colours that blend in with the corporate logo to imprint the company’s image in the minds of its customers. For men, ties that coordinate with the company’s chosen colour scheme complete the picture, while women may choose scarves to complement their corporate attire.

Outerwear That Speaks Volumes about Your Company’s Attention to Detail

Don’t forget to complete the picture with outerwear that coordinates with your company colours. Emblazoned with your corporate logo and your employee’s name on the pocket, an official jacket or coat makes a great first impression when your employee shows up at your customer’s door.

No matter what your corporate style, think Jubilee Embroidery for quality corporate wear that reflects the pride you have in your brand. Contact Jubilee Embroidery today.

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