Embroidery for Safety Wear

As a conscientious employer, you want to keep your employees safe on the job. Whether they work at night or during the day, they need apparel that is easy to spot from afar, yet protects them from on-site hazards.

Safety and Brand Promotion Together

Yet you also want to promote your business. When you brand your employees’ safety apparel with your corporate logo, you have a built-in advert to all those potential customers who are driving or walking near your job site, observing your employees as they work hard to complete the job on time and with attention to detail.

Safety Wear That Works for You and Your Employees

You can have both in one package: quality safety wear that promotes your brand image. Jubilee Embroidery uses only the finest safety wear on the market. Sourcing their protective gear from JB Wear, a top-of-the-line workwear supplier, Jubilee stamps your mark of excellence—and your corporate logo—on each piece of protective safety wear that goes out, ensuring that your employees are well-protected and that onlookers see your company logo. Hiring your company will get the job done—safely—is the message they’ll see.

Consult with Jubilee Embroidery Today

With the help of our expert designers, your name and logo will go where they are most visible on each garment. To meet the need for quality protective safety wear that also promotes your business, contact Jubilee Embroidery today.

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